2019 Update!

Wow! Here we are in February! After surviving the -50 degree windchill, I think I can say I am officially a Northern girl. Life has been both picking up speed and settling into routine here in the Twin Cities. It’s been a while, so here’s a bulleted list of what’s been going on:

  • In October – I performed in Theatre 301’s The¬†Laramie¬†Project (our performance lined up with the 20th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s death, it was an emotional journey).
  • In December – I was hired on as an actor with Minnesota Crisis Intervention Team, an organization that employs performers to aid in police officer training in mental health and crisis intervention. http://www.mncit.org
  • In January – I began working as an instructor for the Junior Conservatory at Stages Theatre Company. https://www.stagestheatre.org/staff-member/miller-melissa/
  • In February – I’m escaping the snow and ice for a week in the Bahamas!
  • In March – I begin rehearsals for Grumble Theatre’s production of a new work entitled Feminal.http://grumbletheater.org

I’ve got a few things brewing for this summer that can’t be announced yet, but I am feeling thankful for the opportunities I’ve gotten so far and excited for all that is to come.