New Home, New Opportunities

I am so happy to be settled into the sweet and burgeoning town of Hopkins, Minnesota. While unpacking boxes, organizing bookshelves, and wandering the neighborhood with my pup I’ve been able to:

  • Schedule four auditions
  • Apply for three employment opportunities
  • Prep two monologue cuttings
  • Finish Hillary Clinton’s book (which I started in December…Grad school sure does eat up your reading time)

This weekend my husband and I head out to Southern Oregon to visit family (and catch a Cabaret in Ashland ♥Oregon Shakes♥) hike, raft, canoe, and play boardgames.

I’m more than excited to return to my new life and get some projects in motion!

Stay tuned for a recap of some of the incredible work I got to be a part of during my graduate study at Texas Tech!

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